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the long flight home 02.06.2020
visit to a world heritage site 02.06.2020
behaving like a real tourist coz that's just what we are!!! 02.06.2020
good morning KL!!! 02.06.2020
a sad goodbye 02.06.2020
animal day 02.06.2020
a day filled with extremes 02.06.2020
soaking up the sun 02.06.2020
it really does feel liking coming home! 02.06.2020
last day driving on the long and windy road 02.06.2020
biking or zip lining, that’s the question? 31.05.2020
beauty is all around us … so why can’t I see it ??? 31.05.2020
another bright day in town 31.05.2020
today is definitely not a good day to die !!! 28.05.2020
escape from the horror that is rain! 28.05.2020
it’s going to be a long day on the road! 26.05.2020
in search for some fishies 24.05.2020
a day of hiking through the most beautiful landscape 24.05.2020
going from north to south 23.05.2020
windy Wellington are you sure? 23.05.2020
what a day for hiking 23.05.2020
on the road again 22.05.2020
what is that smell??? 22.05.2020
its a long, long drive! 22.05.2020
sailing around some islands 20.05.2020
meeting our fellow Topdeckers 20.05.2020
a glowing in the dark experience 20.05.2020
getting to know Auckland a little better 20.05.2020
land of the long white cloud be prepared coz here we come! 19.05.2020
we’ve gone floral 17.05.2020
Singapore in a relaxing way 17.05.2020
still on the move 17.05.2020
counting down if finally over! 17.05.2020