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meeting our fellow Topdeckers

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Another day, another early rise, but this time we stayed up early to do another "start to run”. After all, I wanted to become fit and this trip is as good as any other to begin with that. Today I had lesson number 2, so this meant that I had my first 3 minutes run or in my case to jog and to my surprise, I felt really energetic when the lesson was over. Bring it on! I am so ready for a new day here in NZ!

The two of us had a quick breakfast and after a nice hot shower, it was already time to pack our stuff. Checking out went very swiftly and before we knew it, we were on our marry way again for our next big adventure, a 17 day tour on both the islands with a company called Topdeck.


We were a bit worried who our fellow travelers would be and hoped that it wouldn’t be a young party group like we had a few years back, but as soon as we saw a few people coming towards the bus, we know it would be fine, what a relief! They were young compared to me and Tania, but we soon found out that they weren't really heavy drinkers, so no worries there at all!!

Since the bus wasn’t going to leave in yet another hour, we were told to grab something for lunch, which we did at a food court nearby and exactly an hour later we were back at the bus and met up with all our other fellow travelers.

As soon as everyone said hi to each other, we found a place to sit and we were on our way towards the Bay of Islands, which was a good 3 hours drive.

Luckily we didn’t do the drive in one time, we first had a quick toilet stop at a very small place I just can’t remember the name of and than it was onwards again till we had another stop at one of the oldest trees on the island, a Kauri tree.


Sadly enough it was but a quick photo stop, so as soon as we all got a picture of the gigantic tree, it was back on the road again and although the sceneries were very beautiful, I dozed off again more than once. Luckily I wasn’t the only one coz the girl next to me, Kelly, seemed to have the same problem.

Our last and final stop before we were going to arrive at the Bay of Islands was at a waterfall, which is called the Whangarei Falls and although it was but a very short walk towards the falls and back to the bus, I am glad I did it so that I could finally stretch my legs for a bit.

It must have been about an hour later when we finally arrived at our destination, the Bay of Islands and some of us, including me and Tania were going to stay overnight on a boat. We booked a „Rock the Boat” experience and although I almost forgot we prebooked it, I was now more than ever curious what we could expect.

With just 10 of us, we were brought to the boat called „Rock", hence the name of course, which was basically an old ferry totally rebuild with rooms and kitchen and so on. I must say, it was very basic, but nevertheless very cozy as well.

We were welcomed by the crew and as soon as we put our bags in our designated rooms, it was time for the safety instructions and than there was nothing else for us to do than to enjoy the outing. Me and boats, it never is a good combination, but somehow I felt at ease here. no sea sickness at all, fingers crossed!!! 

Our crew wasn't there alone to handle the boat, they also made up a few activities for us such as shooting at a duck in the water with a paintball gun, fishing and even kayaking in the dark in search for fluorescent algae. All in all it turned out to be a great evening and even the BBQ we had was really good, but the best thing of the evening was the smoked fish fresh from the water, that was just so damn good, even better than the marshmallows we had to stick in the fire, although if I have to admit, it makes up for a great dessert and when you are with so little people together, it is also a great way to bond as well. Friends were made over a bit of wood, how cool is that! :)

8962D5FE-5F8E-433B-932F-7C00A439EF74_Fotor.jpg 249ED2A9-6357-4B19-9525-081A3D83A0BD_Fotor.jpg

Getting close to midnight, it was time for me to hit the sack. I was really tired and all the rocking of the boat made sure I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

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Sounds like a good day to start your tour. The Whangarei Falls look beautiful :)

by ToonSarah

thank you so much Sarah!

by Ils1976

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