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getting to know Auckland a little better

Wow, it is amazing what a bit of alcohol can do to your system. I really slept like a baby and it was a pity that we had to get up so early, but we promised Katrien that we were going to join her when she went to her Zumba lesson. Yesterday evening it sounded great, but now that we had to get up in the wee early hours it is a complete other thing. It must have been the alcohol talking, but okay, a promise is a promise and as soon as we got dressed and got a bit of food into our tummies we were ready to go and get fit.

It was only a 15 minute drive towards the community centre, but still we made it in the nick of time since we also had to stock up on water and gas for the car. It seems we all need the right fuel from time to time.

Upon our arrival we immediately got a friendly welcome from the teacher and as soon as we were all ready, she started with her classes and boy, I had never done Zumba before, but it is more than just dancing, it is a complete workout and all my respect goes out to all the people in the world who do this just for fun. It was tough, but I liked it and the best thing about it is that you aren’t tired anymore. All energized, I was more than ready to see the city.

We first had to pick up Danny and our luggage and by the time that it was 11 AM we drove off to our next adventure, that is before we first had one quick stopover at a local mall for a bite to eat and than we were more than ready to see all the major sights. I was more than curious to see what Auckland had to offer.

Because we didn’t had enough time to go and have a look at One Tree Hill, Danny decided that it was better to go to another viewpoint and this was Mount Eden.

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It wasn’t too bad of a choice coz the weather was fine and the views were more than amazing. We could even see One Tree Hill in the distance, so I guess from wherever viewpoint you are, your eyes are always attracted to the city centre and to be more precise, the telecommunication tower.

After we parked the car, we went to visit the tower and even the views from up there were amazing. I must admit that it was a bit expensive getting up there, because after all, it is just a view point, but the extra kick is that you can see jumpers passing you by when they make there way down. Awesome to see and scary to think that you are only hanging on 2 ropes … yikes!


Since the weather was still nice and the sun did her best to come out, we walked all the way towards the waterfront. Here they have a new project called Silo. What once was just an industrial zone is now completely transformed into a recreational zone where is is fun to be. I am amazed to see how they upgraded the neighborhood and I am impressed by the way they think. They even made sure it is a place where everyone can come together and the street art is amazing as well. My respect goes out to them and I wonder why we can’t do something like that in our tiny country.

As soon as we walked through Queen Street which is basically the main shopping street of the city centre of Auckland, we had almost all the major sights behind us and with still some time to kill before dinner, which was going to be in an Belgian pub, we walked towards Albert Park where we met up with Kilian, the son of the family.

Now that we were all one group again, we slowly walked towards the pub to enjoy a Belgian meal since we were all amongst Belgians and knowing this, it goes without saying that we all of course tried one of the many yummie fluids that Belgium has to offer. I myself went for Leffe, such a divine drink, but sadly enough with a high alcohol percentage, so I knew that I was going to regret it later on!

Foodwise everyone went for the gigantic mussels they serve here, but since I am allergic to the stuff, I went for another Belgian favorite, the typical Belgian beef stew which was made with Leffe as well and surprisingly enough it was quite yummie. I have been to so many places where they try to make it as well, but most of the time the meat is so tough that it just becomes inedible. I am glad to say that this was not the case.

A little bit lightheaded we left the joint coz it was time for the two of us to go and check in to our hotel and as soon as we walked back to the place where we parked the car, we only had a 15 minute drive towards the hotel.

Sadly enough it was time to say goodbye to our lovely hosts as well, but I am sure we are going to keep in touch with them through internet. I am sure of it.

Check-in went very smoothly and as soon as we found our room and managed to get rid of all of our stuff, we went out again and looked up the ferry building for our trip tomorrow to the Waitomo caves, something I was really exited about.

Tired as hell and still a little bit under the influence of alcohol, I didn’t wanted to walk through the whole city again, so instead we've just made a quick inspection of the hotel right after we got back from the ferry building.

The tiny gym looked very interesting and even the sauna looked inviting, but we were just so tired that we gave it a miss. There is always tomorrow and instead we just went for a quick shower and a good night’s sleep. I was really sleepy and it didn’t take me too long to doze off.

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I'm rather partial to Leffe too but I have to ration myself ;) Sound like your hosts really showed you some great parts of the city!

by ToonSarah

Leffe is good isn't it! :)

Yep, they really were ... we still keep in touch and it is nice to hear from time to time how things are progressing in their part of the world.

by Ils1976

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