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windy Wellington are you sure?

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Another day, another early rise and shine. It seems to become a habit lately and although I don’t mind the fact of getting up early, it is the zombie feeling that I have for almost an hour later that I don't really like and it doesn’t seem to go away so, like the last couple of days, I ate my breakfast in zombie mode and a little while after, we leaved again for another exciting day. This time our destination is going to be the capital of NZ, Wellington. I am already looking forward to it coz we have all the afternoon free in this big city.


But that is still a few hours away and as soon as everyone finds a good enough place to sit down, we can finally leave for yet another road trip.


Wellington is about a four hours drive away from the National Park and halfway into the trip we make a toilet stop in the little town of Bulls. This town makes jokes about everything that is „BULL” related and even most of the stores, supermarkets, etc. have the name bull processed in their name, the funniest of them all being the police office which is baptist into "constabull".

Sadly enough it is but a small stop, so instead of searching for other crazy names, we had to move on, but it is all for the better, coz about 2 hours later we arrived at the capital city.

We first made a quick bus tour through the main part of the city so that we got sort of an idea where we were and than it was onwards to the "Weta Cave" which is very popular coz this is the place to be where they made all the figurines for the Lord of the Rings movies, Hobbits movies and other science fiction stuff. I even heard at one given moment something about the Avatar movies, but I have to admit that I wasn’t listening all that good because I just woke up at one of my many sleeps on the bus. I am really a bad tourist am I !!!???


The visit of the Weta Cave was once again but a short one. I think I spent more time waiting at the toilet than I spend going through the souvenir shop with some incredible figurines. Some of them were really scary to say the least.


After this blitz visit, it was back on the bus again and this time we went for the highest point there is in Wellington, Mount Victoria. Sadly enough the weather wasn’t all that good, but hey, at least we really got to see most of the city. With the rain ruining it all, we hurried back to the bus and of we went again, this time to be dropped of at the hotel.


It seemed that the rain was going to be the party pooper of the day coz as soon as we checked in into our room, had something to eat and went out again, it was still pooring down on us. I was secretly wondering why they call it windy Wellington, they'd better should had baptist it "Wettington" and from that moment on, me and Tania liked the new name a whole lot better.

There is not a lot to do when it rains and because Tania still wanted to go and see if she could find a few t-shirts, we just resorted to window shopping and from time to time even actual shopping. When you say shopping, this means that from time to time you as well have to take a break and for us this break was at Soho Brown’s, a cosy looking cafe where you could eat lots of different cakes and sandwiches with matching coffee or tea.

While Tania opted for the cheesecake and chai latte, I myself went for the lemon tart with chai latte and although it didn’t look all that big, it was very filling and yummie, this needed to be if we wanted to do some more shopping of course.

At a little after 5 PM it was still drizzling and our mood wasn’t all that good. We did some shopping, eat some delicious piece of cake and still the time wasn’t passing by. What to do next???


Our guide, Helen told us that there was a possibility to go and visit the Te Papa museum and because it still rained, we thought this would be a nice change, after all it is indoors. As we walked up to the waterfront, we had to search a bit, but at long last found the museum and as we entered the place, we first headed for the souvenir shop, where of course everything is well over prized. When we finally had enough of wondering through the shop, we wanted to go into the museum but a guard named Bill said to us it wasn’t possible again. We were just too late coz the museum would be closing at 6 PM. Just our luck, but Bill told us if we went straight to level 2, we could go to the earthquake section where you can be in some kind of simulator and feel a real life earthquake. Sounds so cool doesn't it, so we headed up, but by the time we got there it was "out of service", you are kidding right!!!???

It seemed that Wettington really wasn’t our city. First we wanted to go for a run but it was too cold and rainy. Thinking about today, it really wasn't our day seeing it rained all day, the museum being almost closed, the earthquake simulator is out of service, how much bad luck can a person get in one day.

Oh well, we just walked out again and walked a little bit alongside the waterfront in the rain. I was thinking of the song and almost wanted to sing in the rain, but I was just a bit too depressed at that moment. I have to admit that at least.

Since we still needed to buy stuff for our lunch tomorrow on the boat, we quickly stopped at the local supermarket, brought all of our goodies up to our room and there was nothing else to do but finding a place to have a bite to eat for dinner. This last one we found in a local food court where I once again went for some Malaysian food while Tania went for the Indian. It seems that here in NZ we only eat noodles or rice for dinner and hey, it is not like we are stranded in an Asian country. Oh well, it was delicious and that's the most important thing.

After a slow walk back to the hotel, we called it a night. A hot shower and a few hours later, I closed my eyes again hoping that tomorrow would finally bring a more brighter day.

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I really feel for you, that amount of rain can really spoil a trip :(

by ToonSarah

yep, it sure can! When time passes by, you remember the good things, but the rain sticks as well I am afraid! :(

by Ils1976

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