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Sleeping in is truly a bliss and although we set our alarm clock early enough so that we still could snooze for a while, it really felt like we've died and gone to heaven. The same you could say of breakfast this morning. There was just so many hot and cold dishes that it was really difficult choosing what to eat, but as soon as I saw the pancakes, I was sold. They were just too yummie to be true.

With some food into our system, it was time to go and get our bags so that they could be stocked up in the belly of our trusty bus called Bert and exactly at 9.45 AM we left Rotorua. Our final destination this evening was going to be Tongariro NP, something I was really looking forward to visiting.

Still this is a long way from happening though, first we left for Taupo but not before we first had a little stop about 15 minutes away from Rotorua. Me and Tania as well as a few other saw some amazing mud pools and other geothermal stuff (this is really a cool word, don’t you think) yesterday, but now we were going to visit another gigantic mud pool and accordingly to our guide Helen, it is one of the most beautiful and smelliest one there is.


This smelly pool is located at the Wai-O-Tapu reserve and I must say that it is a big one, but beautiful ??? I don’t think so, I guess we were at the wrong place, the wrong time or the weather was against us, anyway, whatever the reason was, I still made some pictures of the big blubber pool and while doing so I still was amazed by the fact that something can smell so awful. OMG, was actually the only thing that went through my mind at that particular moment.

From the reserve, it was back on the road only to stop again about an hour later. This time we were going to see the Huka falls, which is know for it's beautiful blue colours, but sadly enough it rained so hard at the moment we arrived, that it wasn’t possible to see the clear blue water. However, for some reason the weather Gods agreed with us because a few minutes later we only had a light drizzle and this was as good as any time to take a few pictures. Who knows, it could be raining heavily again within a few minutes, or less as well of course, here in NZ it is always a bit of a gamble.


Now that we all had some neat pictures, it was time again for a visit to the city of Taupo but sadly enough the weather changed again and it started raining again, so instead of visiting the lake, we just kept ourselves busy with visiting some shops and do a bit of window-shopping.

We also had some free time to have lunch in Taupo and not knowing what to eat, me and Tania, chose for a Thai restaurant and although they mistakingly served my food to someone else, I did receive it in no time and it was really yummie, so although I was a bit displeased in the beginning, in my heart I forgave them, but only because the food was so good! :)


Sadly enough after lunch, we didn't had anymore time left to watch a few more shops, so instead we just jumped into the bus as quickly as possible. It was still cold in Taupo and the worst thing of all, the rain kept on coming. I just wished I could have seen Taupo with some good weather because than everything looks more beautiful and brighter as well. Now it was more like a dark scene from a Lord of the Rings movie, everything but attractive.

Being back on the bus again, I just felt so tired that I closed my eyes for a while, only to open them again as we arrived at a small hot spring. This natural stream of water is known for its hot temperatures and some of us dared to go into it for a dip. I myself, just waded trough the water coz I was to lazy to put on my swimmers. I know, shame on me, but I am on a holiday and I only do the things that I really want. The funny part though is when you walked through the water you could feel the temperature dropping from like 40 degrees to something really cold. That is just so amazing!

F051DDC4-9E61-488A-A2F3-6275A54E9D95_Fotor.jpg 606a7c10-9c66-11ea-9768-29381d6f2731.jpg

As the clouds were coming back again and so was a light drizzle, it was time again to move on.

Our next stop on the road was also going to be our final one today, to be more precise, Tongariro NP where we arrived about 2 hours (or even a bit more) later. As soon as we received the keys to our room, me and Tania went to the communal showers. It was so nice to feel that hot water on your body, although it is supposed to be spring at this moment, to me it feels more like autumn. Everyone we met up with says that is not normal for the time of year, so global warming is really a fact if you ask me.

At exactly 7 PM, we had our dinner and we had a choice out of lamb, chicken nuggets or a vegetarian dish. I went for the lamb as well as the pavlova for dessert. After all, we are in NZ and this is supposedly a real kiwi dinner. I must admit that lamb isn’t really one of my favorite meats but it seemed that I was lucky with my piece of meat so in a way it was still okay.

Feeling completely tired after dinner, me and Tania, just went to our room and skyped home to let people know that we were still alive and as soon as we updated our blog a little and uploaded pictures, it was already time again for bed.

Tomorrow our hike awaits us, but we don’t know for sure if it is going to be the Tongariro Crossing, coz the weather isn’t all that good and it is already 99 % sure that the crossing is going to be closed. I don’t know what we did to deserve this shitty weather, but I can only hope that it all clears up by tomorrow morning.

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What a shame about the weather :( You can take some bad weather on a trip but after a while it gets to be a bit boring, doesn't it?!

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it sure does, that's NZ for you, you never know what to expect!

by Ils1976

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